Sunday, February 19, 2012

The work is moving forward in Arcade

Transfers came and went and Christopher's former companion completed his mission and returned home to his family.  Christopher now has a new companion and both of them are still in Arcade, New York.  From what Christopher has been telling us, the work in Arcade has been going really well.  This is what he said a few weeks ago just before his former companion returned home:
"As far as missionary work goes, this last week was a really really good one! One of my best actually. We got tons done! We did a lot of finding and have a bunch of new investigators, some of them are quite promising too! I'm excited for everything that's going on here right now! This week is my companion's last so we're gonna have to do even more this week to send him out with a bang!"
About a week later Christopher sent us another letter with more great news.
"Things out here in New York are going well! This area of ours is booming!!!!!! We had 12, yes 12 investigators at church yesterday! Honestly we could have like 8 baptisms this next transfer. It's pretty nuts how blessed we've been as of late. We've just been talking to lots of people and finding more and more investigators and miracles are happening! Its incredible!"
In a later email Christopher told us more about the people that he and his new companion are now teaching.  He told us just how great they are and how excited they are about the church.  Christopher and his companion have set some baptismal dates with a few of the people that they are teaching. He is really excited to see them become members of the church and to watch them continue to learn and grow in the gospel.  It is great to see just how excited Christopher is about his area, his companion and all of the people who are members of the church as well as investigators. 

Christopher has been in New York for over a year now.  It is amazing to see just how fast time goes by.  It seems like it was just yesterday when we dropped Christopher off at the MTC to start his mission.  Christopher's new companion has only been out for a few months.  Christopher told us in his last letter that he really enjoys talking with his companion and that they both have some of the most "interesting" conversations.  Christopher has never been one for just the normal boring discussion.  Most of the time he likes to start a conversation by thinking "outside of the box".  Things like, if you had the opportunity, which person would you want to sit down and have a conversation with, Emma or Joseph Smith?  Of course the answer to that question for most of us would be obvious but for the sake of their discussion they talk about the "whys" and "hows" of the fictitious conversations they might have.  Think about it, if you could sit down with Emma Smith, wouldn't that be just as great of a conversation to have as it would be with Joseph?  There is always a lot to learn no matter what opportunities you are presented with and Christopher and his companion seem to like to explore those possibilities even though they aren't real.  Funny what missionaries come up with to pass the time while they are traveling to their next appointment.  Anyway, Christopher told us that his companion is way funny and that they have a lot of great talks.

Christopher mentioned to us a few weeks ago that he and his companion were going to help one of their investigators who they are currently teaching, tap Sugar Maple trees on a nearby farm.  That day finally came and Christopher told us that they tapped about 100 trees and that it fun but very cold that day.  We didn't get many more details than that so hopefully Christopher will send us some pictures so that we can see how it went.  Christopher did go on to say just how strange the weather has been in western New York.  Not a lot of snow but it has been very cold.

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