Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Being fishers of men... and fish

Transfers are coming up soon and Christopher has a feeling that there might be a change in the wind.  The fact that he has been serving in Arcade for the last six months and the fact that he has had the same companion for four and a half of the six months, is probably a good clue.  Christopher has told us that he doesn't know if he will get transferred to another area or if he will get a new companion.  By this time next week, we'll see what happens. 

It has been stated many times on this blog that Christopher has told us just how much he loves Arcade and the members of the Branch there.  Both Christopher and his companion have had some really good success and the blessings are still flowing.  This last week they had another baptism which totals up to be about eleven baptisms in the last six months.  Christopher also said that they are currently working with some really good people now and hopes that they progress as well.

The members of the Branch have been really good to help the missionaries.  Christopher told us that they have been teaching some of their investigators at one of the member's homes in the area.  Not too long ago they had an appointment set up to teach at the member's home but the person that they were to teach, was running a little late.  The family who owns the house lives right on a lake.  So, while they waited for their investigator to arrive, Christopher went out in the backyard of the home to take a closer look at the lake.  The first thing that he noticed was that this lake seemed to have a lot of fish swimming around.  So, Christopher decided to do a little fishing.  Of course being missionaries, he didn't really have a fishing pole handy so he started looking around to see if he could find a net or something.  As it turned out, there just happened to be an old fishing pole with a rusty old hook still attached, just under the deck.  That seemed to solved the fishing equipment problem, but what about bait?  Well, it wasn't long before he solved that problem as well.  Like every fisherman knows, old stale pizza fresh out of the garbage works perfect for bait.  They baited up the hook with some pizza bits and before you know it, they were catching fish faster than you could imagine.  Apparently the fish in this lake must be tired of the bugs and worms around the shore so when they got a good look at the old pizza bits, they just couldn't resist.  Of course Christopher had to send us some pictures, so here you go.

Oh but the story doesn't end there.  They were so successful catching fish with pizza bits, that they decided to try it again.  The result was something even bigger.  Take a look.

From the looks of it, Christopher and his companion will be eating a lot of fish for the next few weeks.  I think we better send him some good fish recipes.

In Christopher's last letter home he talked about all of the work that he and his companion have to do in order to make sure that they stay busy and use their time as effectively as possible.  Christopher told us that they spent a lot of time over the last week making a lot of phone calls and planning out who they were going to see and what lessons they had to teach.  From what he said, all of the hard work really panned out.  Christopher said that during the week, they had a lot of teaching appointments lined up and they would probably be busier than they have ever been.  In fact, they were so busy that they skipped their P-day so that they could spend the time teaching and working.  But as a missionary, being too busy is a good problem to have.  Then to follow that up, Christopher said that they had a zone conference in the Sacred Grove as well.  The speakers at the conference were Alex Boye of the Tabernacle Choir and Elder Duncan of the First Quorum of the Seventy.  Christopher said that it was just an amazing day.

Needless to say that a lot of good things are happening with Christopher right now.  He is down to his last six months of his mission and he realizes that the time is going by fast.  With the Hill Cumorah Pageant coming up in July, he is kind of hoping to be moved to an area that is a little closer to the Pageant.  But, we'll see.  He just wants to be able to spent his time serving well.