Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Short time in the MTC and off to Rochester

It was a quick 2 and a half weeks in the MTC and Christopher is now in Rochester, New York.  We finally got a letter from him after he had been at the MTC for about a week and a half.  Not a really long letter, but then Christopher isn't much for long letters anyway.  He told us that for the first few days in the MTC, he didn't really know how he was going to handle the next two years.  But after the shock of entering the MTC wore off, things got much better and he really started to enjoy his time there.  From what Christopher said, he and his companion really worked well together and were able to accomplish a lot in the short time that they were there.  Christopher mentioned in his letter that it was kind of weird to be around a bunch of missionaries that were several years younger than him.  But that is just something that you have to get used to and I am sure that after a while, it didn't really matter anymore.

We really only heard from Christopher twice while he was in the MTC.  His second letter really wasn't much longer than the first but then he really didn't have a lot of time to write due to everything else going on.  He told us again in his second letter that things in the MTC just kept getting better and better.  But at the same time he was really excited to leave the MTC and get out to Rochester.  Christopher commented that all of the experience that he has gained over the last several years in the various jobs that he has held, has really come in handy in his preparation to be a missionary.  But he still felt like there is still a lot more that he can learn about the scriptures and the gospel.  Actually, that is feeling that will never go away and is a true statement for everybody.  Learning the scriptures and gospel principles is an on going process that doesn't end with just missionary work. 

Christopher left the MTC last Monday on a fairly early morning flight.  He was able to call home and talk to us for a few minutes before he had to board his flight.  There really wasn't much time to talk a lot but it was good to hear his voice.  He was very excited to be heading out to Rochester and get started on doing actual missionary work.  Christopher may not know this, but later on that evening we got a call from the mission President's wife.  She called to tell us that Christopher had arrived safely and just wanted to let us know that all was going well.  The mission President's wife talked to Christopher's Mom for a little while all about Christopher and what his talents are.  Of course his Mom talked all about Christopher's musical abilities and let her know that doing missionary work through music might be one way that Christopher can share his talents.

We are really looking forward to hearing from Christopher on a regular basis and learning all about the wonderful experiences that he is having.  We are excited to hear about his first assignment, companion and everything else that could happen during his first week.

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